I am interested in doing following listed projects and related projects with my brilliant students and peer researchers.

I am open to work on any Innovative idea and any kind of Collaboration. I believe that ‘Collaborations’ benefits to all the involved.

Deep Learning : I just started to learn deep learning architecture, I am aiming to develop deep learning architecture to analyse the massive social network data on big data framework.

  • Big Data and Machine Learning Analytics
    We are working on implementing the machine learning algorithms to solve data analysis on big data framework (Cloudera Impala, Apache Spark).
  • Face Recognition from Videos
    We are working on recognition of faces from the LOW RESOLUTION videos and recognition of disguised person in a video.
  • Brain Computing Interface
    Research on Brain computer interface (BCI) has increased tremendously in recent times due to its importance towards society and mankind. It provides the communication between external devices such as computers and disabled persons. The objective of this project is to develop an efficient machine learning model for brain computing interface.We are interested in developing a brain computing interface model using Emotive EPOC Headset.
  • Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning Methods: Trying to Analyse, “What other people think about a given topic” from Reviews,blogs, social networking websites (twitter) etc…. at document level, with supervised and unsupervised methods…. Thinking about incorporating common sense information for sentiment analysis….
  • Personality Detection from Text
    The objective of the project is to develop a, efficient machine learning model to determine the personality trait of the author of the text with respect to the Big-Five Personality traits.


Previous projects:

  • Detection techniques for Denial of Service Attacks: 
  • Implement Beowulf cluster: Implemented 3 nodes cluster and used MPICH2 for implementing parallel computing environment. (All the work was done with debian operating system).
  • Implement Radius server: Implemented radius server with EAP/PEAP with LDAP for securing wireless network.