I believe that a career in research offered me the unique opportunity of working at the cutting edge of technology, with unparalleled intellectual challenges and creative satisfaction. To my mind a graduate education helps to comprehend the fundamental principles of science such that one is able to successfully apply these principles to real life situations.

I have always aspired to choose a career in a field that really stimulates me and holds a natural appeal to me. Today as I stand at the pathway of learning, I have without hesitation chosen the field that excites me the most and draw the best of my abilities. My research vision is user-centred, socially beneļ¬cial and system-oriented. I like working on real application projects which has potential social impact in our daily lives. Before attacking any research problem, I always ask myself which problem I am trying to solve and what would be the contribution towards humanity. I took courses on Data Mining, and Information Retrieval, those helped in my curiosity about the practical usage of existing and innovative techniques in real data domain. Further, this enhanced my knowledge and made me eager to develop new techniques by overcoming the existing ones. I am deeply interested in contributing to research being conducted in the fields of Machine Learning, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, and Image processing, as well as solving domain problems by analysing given data and appropriately applying solutions to those problems.